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Mental training and mindfulness

In broad sports and everyday life


Lecture on how to use mental training and mindfulness techniques in sport activities and how these techniques, can be transferred to everyday life and working life. How to create balance and totality in your life and reach the goals you set.


Come and be inspired to set new goals or stick to old goals, and hear about simple effective tools to maintain a mental training practice.


Jes Lysgaard

Author, PD. Psych., Psychomotor Therapist and Coach. I come from the elite archery world and has been at the Danish national field archery team 5 times, with over 100 national and international medals and a great experience of coaching amongst others, archers, golfers and others who need to be able to move in and out of focus many times through a competition or a training session.

In September 2017 I go to France to participate in the World Championships in 3D field archery.

Jes Lysgaard

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