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Simpel Living

The art of removing noise


We all gather noise around us. Noise that can be considered as energy suckers. Noise have many faces, like things we are keeping because of the memory value, friends who doesn’t do us good, messiness, your phone, bad routines, work you dislike but keep it for years etc.

Why the f…. do we stick to all the noise that doesn’t serve us properly?

What does simple living mean?

Simple living is not living in a tiny house, even though that I do that part time, it means, that we take away the unnecessarily noise from our life. We normally use noise as a shield to protect us, from feeling into what we really want to do, or want to be. Often because we are afraid of stepping into action towards these dreams. That is the deep purpose of sticking to our noise. When we start removing the noise - or the energy suckers from our life, we start entering the realm of tacking action towards our dreams, and even more important, towards the core of our self.

To live simple is a balance we must learn, by a conscious feeling into what good does this or that do to my life. It’s a skill that can be achieved.


Jes Lysgaard

Author, PD. Psych., Psychomotor Therapist and Coach. I have spent many years dreaming about simple living, and have lived with a lot of noise. So much noise, that it made me sick. Painful life circumstances made me realize the value of simple living. Simple living became a way of living, a way to look inwards, a way to stay present and a way to be happy.

The life-coaching sessions I do, often becomes simple-living coaching.

I come from a lifelong outdoor life and the elite archery world, where I have been a member of the Danish national field archery team 5 times, with over 100 national international medals. To stay present in competitions and daily life requires conscious living most of the time.


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